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Burning down the house

Ok. I didn’t actually burn down the house. But I did turn the big old heap of old deck wood into firewood and give it away!

This heap had been here for a while and hadn’t gone anywhere. I had been hoping that someone would just make it disappear but it didn’t work out that way. So I decided to chop it into pieces that would fit in someones stove and see if that helped. It did! A friend of mine wanted a bunch and the last bit got picked up bit by bit by some local folks.IMG_4914












It’s a good deal when everyone involved thinks they got the best end of the deal.I got rid of some ‘trash’ from my house and my friend and some other folks got to heat their house a little bit cheaper. Recycling and reusing is the best! So far with all the demolition I’ve managed to make one trip to the dump (right near the beginning when I felt I just needed to get a head start on getting stuff OUT of the way.) and the rest has been gotten rid of just through the weekly trash days. Almost all the wood has gone either into my wood box on the garage or into someone else’s wood stack, or into the garage for reuse later on in the project. All that has gone to the trash is mouldy drywall, panelling, and mouse turd infested insulation.
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