Digging down

So now that I have gotten the floors pulled up it’s time to start creating a crawlspace. The idea I have is to dig out the crawl space, jack up the house and get it all level, build a real foundation, and then set the house back on it.


So that starts by digging. Lots and lots of digging.IMG_4927

The process I’m using is to chop up the dirt with a pick ax, shovel it into 5 gallon buckets, and then haul the buckets out either to the wheel barrow, or as the pile gets taller, directly to the pile.IMG_4928

I went ahead and removed the floor joists in the back additions because they looked like this! Not useful anymore anyway and they made the digging much harder by being in the way.IMG_4929


Buckets getting filled.IMG_4930

Also, I’ve decided I’m never burying any treasure because it’s too much work! I’ll find a better way to hide things!IMG_4933




IMG_4940All done in that room. It’s VERY satisfying each time I finish off a segment!


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